Oh Gosford Anglican, you’ve done it again!

Jesus had 2 dads

7 thoughts on “Oh Gosford Anglican, you’ve done it again!

  1. This blog is just a sham and has been moved away from any discussion of the Bible into a gay activist site.

    The poster in the post is basically calling God a homosexual.

    OK, it grabs attention and makes a statement in favour of gay marriage, but it also mocks the gospel.

    If you can’t produce a theology to support your activism you cannot call this a theological site.

  2. Why bother? If you don’t believe it?

    I think I’ve already seen it and could write it for you. It’s right up the creek though.

  3. Greg, even you are brighter than that.

    Frankly, I’m done with you and Bones.

    Go ahead, write your piece. I don’t know that I’ll bother with it, but it will give you some kind of satisfaction to fabricate the evidence the same way lobbyists have.

    We’ve been there, done that, and I have to ask myself, is it all worth it for a couple of gay activists who otherwise deny the authenticity of the Bible?

    My point is that you don; believe the Bible so it would be hypocrisy for you to even try. Ad it will be a fake theology, because God will never, ever ratify homosexual or lesbian marriage.

  4. I have no idea.

    I’m still seething at Bones disgusting attitude and disingenuous representation of my point of view politically and spiritually.

    We may not agree on much, and get heated at times, but there is no need for some of the stuff he has presented on this blog.

    Maybe something less controversial.

    Maybe I’ll leave you all to it.

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