Theology on Tap: Pub church?

How do we treat our conversations about God?  Are our meetings where we gather as church necessarily confined to a ‘church’ space, or can we gather in the market place?  Is a Pub, with all its noise and alcohol, a legitimate place to meet as church, and if so, what kinds of conversations might you have there?  Would you dress up and have a priest do communion?  How would church look in a Pub?

Would you sing a song? Would there be any music at all?

How could you pray amongst all the crowd at your local bar?  Would it be possible for Pub Church to be a persons only church experience and for that to be ok? Would it be seen more as a method of evangelism and getting a person to come to the ‘proper’ church?

Could it be ok for anyone to come along and not be forced into thinking, believing, accepting the ‘company’ line?

Is there a necessary shape for church, or can it look messy and smell of hops as you navigate the sticky carpets in order to engage in theology pub?

13 thoughts on “Theology on Tap: Pub church?

  1. The church building at Thirroul was a pub once upon a time.Thinking that it may have been an R.S.L.
    Now it’s a C3 club.
    I’m thinking Greg,that your mate Wilcock may have preferred that it remained as a bar.

    Here’s a solution for christian piss-heads:Just talk your Pastor into buying a license to sell grog on sundees.More people would feel Clever,Attractive,Rich and Invincible.And seeing as though a number of attendees would wake up the next morning feeling Stupid,Ugly,Poor and Fragile you would have a lot more people wanting to hang out at Church.

    And newbies get a free 6 pack.

  2. Not going to be a good look when the praise n worship leader starts doing a strip tease and swinging round a pole.

  3. Local Pub here at Blyth (Clare Valley, SA) is owned by some on-fire Christians who have regular prayer meetings, pub-Church, teaching evenings etc.
    Best place in the world for blokes to unload and get prayer and ministry. Everyone knows the position of the owners, (Jarrod and Naomi) and hold them in the highest respect.
    Best thing to happen to our Pub!

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