£1000 being given away (not a scam)

Anyone know anyone in the UK who wants to spend some money on mission?
Steve, you might be interested in this – as the money has to be spent in the UK

£1000 giveaway

We’ve got two grants of £500 to give away (from a project now deceased).  If you’d like to apply for one then simply answer the following in 250 words or less:

If I was given £500 to spend on expressing good news to those beyond the margins of the church in the UK I would…

We’re looking for creativity and deliverability.  We don’t want pie in the sky and we’re not looking for the next alpha course.  Dream a bit – be bold and be innovative.

In six months time we’ll be asking the two successful bidders for a short report into how the money was spent and we’ll share this in our networks.

The application deadline is 27th September 2013.

To apply please send your response to this email address