Terry Jones: “Those Muslims really burn me up”

Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Fla., in 2010. (Joe Raedle / Getty Images / September 11, 2013)
By Matt Pearce and Connie Stewart
September 11, 2013, 7:34 p.m.
Radical anti-Islam preacher Terry Jones was arrested on felony charges Wednesday for transporting a trailer filled with kerosene-soaked Korans, Florida officials said.

Jones was on his way to a Sept. 11 event where he planned to burn 2,998 of the Muslim holy books, according to local news reports. He is best known for stoking Muslim anger by publicly desecrating Korans, sometimes with international consequences.

“My detectives had many conversations with Terry Jones prior to today,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. “He was told he was welcome to come to Polk County and express his first amendment rights. However, if he violated the law, he would absolutely be arrested and placed in the county jail.

“On Sept. 11, he arrived in Polk County, violated the law and our detectives arrested him and booked him into the county jail, just as he was informed,” Judd said.

A Jones associate, Marvin Wayne Sapp Jr., was also arrested.

Jones had planned to set alight 2,998 Korans at a Polk County park for the 12-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U.S., with each Koran “representing one of the victims, every person who was murdered by Islam,” according to one of his news releases — a casualty total that perhaps accidentally included the 19 hijackers.

He faces charges of unlawfully conveying fuel and of openly carrying a firearm. Officials said Jones and Sapp doused a stack of Korans with kerosene in a smoker/trailer, then dangerously transported it on a state road. Jones also allegedly carried a handgun on his hip in plain view while at a McDonald’s in Mulberry, Fla.

Sapp faces charges of unlawfully conveying fuel, as well as multiple traffic citations.

Terry Jones (an actor is playhing the part of Terry in this re-enactment) was also arrested for having an illegal fire arm!

24 thoughts on “Terry Jones: “Those Muslims really burn me up”

  1. But it’s actually not funny any more is it.

    80 Christians dead in a church service at the hands of people CALLING THEMSELVES MUSLIM.

    People who CALL THEMSELVES MUSLIMS for different countries diverging on Kenya and murdering. Did you read about what they did?
    Singled out those who were not Muslims, shot them, burnt their faces and hands etc.

    But no article from Greg. Not a peep. To him that has nothing to do with religion…..

    Dozens of churches destroyed in different countries. But to Greg, that has nothing to do with religion and not worth a comment.

    These people say they are waging a jihad and burning churches but to Greg it’s got nothing to do with religion. not a peep from him.

    Syria and the persecution of Christians? nope. The people doing it all claim to be Muslims, talk like Muslims, quote the Koran, pray, but….woe betide anyone who thinks we have a problem.

    But, one Pastor in the US who shoots Muslims. No, burns them? No bombs mosques? No, burned some Korans, and Greg says “hmmm got to put this up on the internet and attack this guy”.

    To what end?

    The Muslims who are killing people have nothing to do with Islam so why would they be upset. And all the true Muslims will be so busy thinking about peace and love that they will just ignore this guy.

    Okay, back to reality. People who call themselves Muslims are blowing up churches and department stores no over a border dispute in one country, but in an increasing list. What can we do? Obama won’t do anything. Christians sure can’t because the Muslim jihadists won’t take our advice. Greg and Bones won’t do anything because they’re too busy
    finding some Christians to bash or being outraged about a minister preaching in a church while in a court case. Yeah, that’s what gets to Greg.

    So, the UN can’t fight or stop this because it’s all in different countries and nobody is allowed or game enough to come out with any solutions.

    So, maybe the billion peace loving wonderful Muslims could rise up and do something? I read today about global jihad (from the thugs in Kenya boasting about it). So can we see a global movement by Muslims for Muslims to eradicate these terrorists who have hijacked their peaceful religion? Isn’t it about time?

    Aren’t they ashamed? Embarassed? I would be if it were Christians doing the same thing.

    So, can Greg use the power of the internet here to call on his Muslim people and encourage them to do something?

    Million Muslim Man March against Mayhem or something?
    Come on Bones and Greg. How many more people have to die.

    Muslims no doubt feel your great respect and love for their faith.
    Can you reach out and get some movers and shakers in the Muslim world to do something?

    Please. Do something.

    They’ll listen to you. (as long as you keep quiet about gay marriage and Bones support for male anal sex)

    Terry Jones…..

    Imagine that. Terry Jones at it again. Nobody killed, but it gets a post, and some jokes thrown in.

    80 people killed in a church? Deafening silence.
    An injured woman sexually assaulted in front of hostages by a group from all over the world with only one thing in common. Not race, not blodd type – but a dedication to Islam and a desire to wage global jihad. (jihad is not a Buddhist word by the way)

    AMazing priorities Greg and Bones. Simply amazing.

    As more news filters out about the atrocities, we’ll probably get Greg’s latest article about some transgender choir member who cried after being slighted in a church somewhere. Greg’s wrath will be kindled.

    Until of course I mention the word Muslim, and he won’t know which is worse…

    If there are any Muslims here – please start a movement to get all your people together and do something. I probably have more in common with a moderate peace loving Muslim these days than the debauched -I’m a Christian but I don’t like Christians, the Bible, Christian morality, liberal loons on this website.

    Isn’t that amazing.

    Yeah the Muslim I knew didn’t hate the US, or evangelicals, was planning to raise his daughter to be pure until she married someone of her own sex, and he had a clean mouth and good manners.

    Decent man. It’s a strange world we live in.

  2. That was a long personal attack and rant.

    You assume that just because Greg doesn’t post something, he’s blah blah blah. You know, he could just not have Internet or be busy rewatching Breaking Bad or Dexter or even playing GTA V.

  3. Have you been reading all the comments and posts here Elwyn?

    If you read the news plus read all the posts and comments here Ellie it would make sense.

  4. If you have any ideas of how to solve the huge critical problem of Islamic terrorism that is going on in the world please let me know.

  5. I was busy being slightly bored with it all; 80 people killed you say?

    tragedy I say

    Wonder if the US has stopped killing 100’s of thousands of muslims, men, women and children? No? Oh.

  6. Maybe you could be their PR man in Australia.


    In a battle for hearts and minds, the Muslim terrorists have at least one and a half in Newcastle.

  7. I hate al violence adn murder Q – I don’t get upset by just theirs or ours – and I certianly do;nt wonder at the violence coming out of the Islamic workd when you consder the violence that it has had delievered upon it by the so called Christian West. open your eyes dude, open the wide so you can see what’s going on

  8. The part where you blamed the west for all Islamic militant violence. When you said you didn’t blame the Islamic militants for their atrocities you sided with their cause.

  9. ” I certianly do;nt wonder at the violence coming out of the Islamic workd when you consder the violence that it has had delievered upon it by the so called Christian West.”

    There you go again…..

  10. So that’s the answer. Greg can go on a world tour and apologize to these groups (who haven’t got anything to do with Islam) on behalf of the Christian West…?!?! and maybe all we be forgiven and they will stop killing people?

    as for your hundreds of thousands killed…do you mean the US deliberately murdered people? Asked if they were Christians and if not, went on to kill as many as they could.

    The difference is that the US does what they can to not see harm to civilians. The jihadists have the AIM of killing as many civilians as possible.

    COme on, grow up. You sound like your still a kid at Uni who thinks it’s trendy to wear a Down with the USA Tshirt.

  11. “If you have any ideas of how to solve the huge critical problem of Islamic terrorism that is going on in the world please let me know.”

    I can solve this for you Q,
    Just have a RAPTURE, then burn the whole world,
    Then start a new one.

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