Nadia Bolz Weber

This tattood foul mouthed preacher seems to have similar beliefs to you Q! Maybe you should buy her book?

Nadia Bolz Weber Facebook post
Nadia Bolz Weber Facebook post

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  1. They are pretty similar to mine. I have mixed views on the Enlightenment, there was much gained from it – eg. questioning blind obedience to dogmas, but we have lost something at the same time.

    Various movements have tried to get it back and I think Pentecostalism is one way to say that not everything is rational, that ones mind and thoughts are not the only way we can relate to God. The new-age movement is another one of course but those guys went completely off with the fairies.

  2. I think the physical resurrection of Jesus is the fundamental belief.

    Other religions talk about forgiveness, love, peace, just about everything.
    But the physical resurrection of Jesus is what changed everything.

    As for the mind and science, I always come back to the fact that as smart as we think we are, we aren’t really so. What scientists have discovered and can do amazes us, but in 50 years, it won’t be so impressive.

    But in 50 years we’ll still probably be wondering how we can stop getting angry or punching and shooting people.

    I just hope that in 50 years I’ll be able to ask my wife a question without her wondering what I really want to know.

    But in 50 years there might be a Hillsong on the Moon run by a gay couple.

    Off topic again…

    Anyway, Greg, I don’t like tattoos on women, and I don’t like foul language from women.

    On the other hand, I am woefully inconsistent because I think women who smoke are sexy,
    and foul language “when we get behind closed doors” is more than okay.

    Go figure. I’m crazy.

  3. I agree, the knowledge we’ll have in just 10 years will make what we knew when the century clicked over seem dinosaurian!

    I do love tattoos on women…certain tattoos…Japanese in particular or rose/flower vines.

  4. “But in 50 years there might be a Hillsong on the Moon run by a gay couple.”

    Then I will definitely be saying “Houston, we have a problem”. Especially if its still a Concert, Merchandising and Conference event family business dressed up as a church.

  5. Greg, the irony about Japanese tattoos is that Japanese hate tattoos. Or should I say, the only people with tattoos in Japan are yakuza, who have them all over. And I mean all over.

    In Japan you can’t even swim in a pool if you have a tattoo.
    I know MMA fighters from the Islands who even when they explain that tattoos are in their culture, have to cover them up completely in a sports gym.

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