Bones…you’ve scared everyone away!


3 thoughts on “Bones…you’ve scared everyone away!

  1. Talking of scaring people away, the death stare by Penny Wright in this video taken during recent sessions on naval gazing makes Julie Bishop look tame.

    The Greens show their grasp of border control…

    The look on the Committee Chair Penny Wright’s face says it all.

    Further to this clip, when Hanson-Young continually wrongly addressed Lieutenant-General Campbell as ‘lieutenant’, the Chair was forced to butt in…

    When Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young insisted on referring to Campbell as “lieutenant”, there was an intervention:

    Committee chair Penny Wright: “Can I be clear, is General Campbell acceptable to you?”

    Campbell: “Yes.”

    Some things are stranger than fiction!

    But why didn’t Hanson-Young at least run her questions past someone in the know to check them before she entered the chamber? Or is it possible the Greens don’t have anyone in the know to ask?

    Aren’t novices also called ‘green’?

    And you want to trust these people with the security of the national borders?

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