Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate highlights

5 thoughts on “Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate highlights

  1. There are a lot of different “highlights” videos, and each one of them probably represents the views of the people who edited them.

    Did anyone watch the whole thing?

  2. Too long for me I’m afraid. And I don’t have the science knowledge to follow it probably.

    From the little I saw, the science guy came across better. But, he’s also used to TV more, and he has great dress sense.

  3. This sums it up:

    UPDATE 8:55: Ham is asked what could change his mind. He says that no one can persuade him that the Word of God is not true! The flood must have happened – all we can change are models of how it happened, and he has the audacity to call changing those models “scientific discovery”!

    Nye says we would just need one piece of evidence to change his mind – the fossil of an organism that swam, evidence of rock forming as fast as Ham says, resetting of atomic clocks, etc. Just present him with that evidence and he will change his mind.

    Nye asks Ham what he can prove, what he can predict and subject to testing.

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