Worshipping in the Nude

9 thoughts on “Worshipping in the Nude

  1. Uh, haven’t looked at this video yet, but suffice it to say that I think the “class act” comment might be deserving of a retraction …

  2. I’m trying to be less political Q.

    Anyway he has some pretty strong theological arguments –
    Jesus was born in the nude
    He was crucified in the nude
    He rose in the nude.

  3. Also if you look at the Adam and Eve myth, the shame of their nudity came with their sin. Therefore if we are truly redeemed then we shouldn’t be ashamed of nudity.

    Makes perfect sense if you take the creation myth literally. Yet many literalists are still offended by nudity.

  4. You would also have to say that the shame of nudity is a cultural taboo. It’s certainly not ingrained or innate to humans. So that hits the creation account on the head as well.

  5. Ok, you’ve for me sitting erect at this idea…hopefully it would not introduce any dysfunction into worship or we might start swing ads in billboards: “Do you want longer lasting worship?”

  6. Hmmmm.

    The 3 year old is forever being told to get clothes on and has no qualms about walking around naked. She’d spend all day naked if she could.

    Obviously isn’t aware of the sense of shame of the Adam and Eve myth.

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