Want to see me in my ‘boardies’? I’m participating in Boardies Day 2014

On Friday March 28, 2014 I am taking on the challenge and showing my boardies for a cause and raising money for Australia’s largest volunteer movement – Surf Life Saving!

You can help support me by making a secure online donation using your credit card. Click on the link below:


Proceeds from Boardies Day go toward Surf Life Saving Clubs to assist in purchasing vital rescue equipment, training and development of surf lifesavers. Money raised also help fund the delivery of educational programs to continue to save lives.

For more information on how YOU can also participate in Boardies Day 2014, please visit www.boardiesday.com.au

Thanks for your support!


21 thoughts on “Want to see me in my ‘boardies’? I’m participating in Boardies Day 2014

  1. Its good that you are supporting grass-roots movements and communities

    Just wish you would do the same for the community we used to have here.

    What you have done is the equivalent of locking yourself in the Surf-Lifesaving club and telling everyone they can leave if they don’t like the new leader. But everythings allright because you are aware of the irony.

  2. Come on Wazza. Enough already. How can it be that your offended and I’m not?

    The community? Steve’s church and associated churches were relentlessly attacked. He and I were sworn at and insulted over and over again. That’s a community?

    I’m not banned, Steve isn’t banned, you aren’t banned, and I don’t think Bones is banned.
    Greg’s probably just thinking he needs to settle things down and take the reins for a while.

    For a guy who says to me to just leave it, you sure keep on about stuff.

    I thought you’d be happy because with only Greg authoring posts, there won’t be much conservative view points here anymore. He is probably 95% in agreement with you on most things.

  3. Dude you and bones carried on for weeks attacking Steve, and I’ve just drawn a line in the sand and said enough. I’m the administrator of this blog, not you…my leadership is not new…just the fact I’m asserting it. I did not destroy this community…we have you and bones to thank for that.

  4. Where did I attack Steve? I attacked his point of view certainly

    Show me where I made a personal attack

  5. I must have missed voting in the election. I thought you were given administrative rights on the blog, but I didn’t think you were elected supreme leader and owner of the blog.

  6. That’s where you’re wrong…the role of administrator (singular) was handed over to me, that gave me ultimate control over what goes on on this blog…the children couldn’t control themselves even after being asked nicely and so the benevolent dictator had to act, and I have.

    Time to get over it wazza and move on.

  7. No…administration…and I have administered…this will pass on to someone else perhaps one day…if you calm your farm it may be you. However you have said you are an athiest and this is a theological blog and so your posting rights have been revoked…sorry if this seems harsh.

  8. The best thing about this post is Otis Carey the surfer in pic. Greg nice for you to do your civic duty, but seriously , here? This is a Forum. And second I thought you posted one year ago that you were shutting down this page?

  9. By that you mean its a real email? Yeah.

    You’re a feisty one Wazza. I’m amazed at how people get so fixated on stuff. Next there’ll be a signposts02watch site…..

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