I’m angry and disgusted with the US Christian Right

You may or may not be aware of the furor that World Vision opening their employment policy (and then 2 days rescinding that decision) to gay men and women has caused over in the US – but the behavior of the bullying right has been nothing short of blackmail…accept what we believe or have our supporters remove their support from you!  There has been a wealth of comment on the subject, Rachel Held Evans has had things to say HERE and HEREhowever the blog post that for me wins the internet is this one from HERE:


On one occasion an expert in biblical ethics and Christian standards of sexual morality stood up to test World Vision. “Chief Exec,” he asked, “what must I do to sponsor an impoverished child in the proper Christian way that is honouring to God in accordance with His Word?”

“What is written on our website?” he replied. “How do you understand it?”

He answered, “‘Our Christian identity underpins everything that we do. Motivated by our faith, World Vision is committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus Christ in his identification with those who are poor, vulnerable or forgotten’; and, ‘Just 75p a day can free a child from the fear that poverty creates. Sponsorship keeps children protected and provides them with clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and education – everything a child needs to enjoy their childhood’.”

“You have answered correctly,” the Chief Exec replied. “Do this and the malnourished, diseased, trafficked and enslaved children of the world will live.”

But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked the Chief Exec, “But what if one of your employees is gay and in a civil partnership? You see, I read in Christianity Today that you’ve changed your conditions of employment and now accept married gay dudes, who aren’t actually married, you know, in God’s eyes, but you say that abstinence outside of marriage remains a condition of employment, so how does that work?”

In reply the Chief Exec said: “A six-year-old starving boy and eight-year-old trafficked girl were going down from Djibouti to Hargeysa in Somaliland, when they were attacked by fanatical militia. They stripped the starving boy of his clothes, beat him, and then raped and mutilated the genitalia of the girl, and went away, leaving them both half dead.Justin Taylor of The Gospel Coalition happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the children, he passed by on the other side. So too, Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, when he saw the children lying there, he walked on by. And also Denny Burk, professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, when he came to the place and saw them, passed by on the other side.

But a gay guy in a civil partnership, as he travelled, came to where the children were; and when he saw them, he took pity on them. He went to them and gave them bread and water, and bandaged the girl to stop her bleeding, hugging them both to comfort them. Then he carried the weeping girl and put the boy on his own bicycle, and brought them to a World Vision shelter and took care of them. The next day he took out $100 and donated it to the charity. ‘We must look after them,’ he said, ‘and I’m happy to reimburse World Vision for any lost sponsorship you may have as a result of your employing me.’

“Which of these do you think was a neighbour to the children who fell into the hands of the fanatical militia?”

The expert in biblical ethics and Christian standards of sexual morality replied, “The one who showed compassion and sponsored them.”

Jesus told him in his heart, “Go and do likewise.”

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  1. Really tossing up whether to respond to this.

    i wrote a response and it’s pretty feisty…..

    Nah. It was also too long.

  2. World Vision Announces New, Radically Consistent Employment Standards

    March 27, 2014Leave a Comment
    by: Benjamin L. Corey

    What a hard week for American Christianity.
    At the beginning of the week, World Vision announced they would begin hiring married gay Christians in their US offices. As we all watched, the internet blew up. Some 2000 people dropped the children they were sponsoring. More progressive bloggers used their platforms to issue a call encouraging everyone to think about the children and invited new sponsors to sign up– and they did. Yet, the right-wing backlash came at too high a financial cost, and World Vision capitulated.

    World Vision has now reverted back to their original position– anyone living in unrepentant sin is not qualified for employment, and gay Christians who are married were placed back into that category.
    In a shocking turn of consistency, World Vision has now announced that they are going to apply this principle consistently across the board instead of singling out one group of people. Since all sin is sin, any unrepentant sin or sinful lifestyle will exclude one from employment. The new employment standards are as follows:
    – Obese employees and applicants will be given a medical exam. If it is determined that their obesity is not due to a medical condition but simply due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise, they will be barred from employment for unrepentantly failing to care for their bodies, which is the “temple of the Holy Spirit”.

    – Smokers have been told to quit over the weekend or not return to work on Monday.
    – All employees will be given a polygraph test. If the test reveals an employee has consumed alcohol more than two (2) times in the last 3 months where they would have blown higher than a .08, they will be barred from employment for being unrepentant drunkards.
    – All employees will also be asked during the polygraph if they consume pornography. If the answer is “yes”, they will be dismissed since lust is the same as adultery.
    – All employees must submit their tax returns and bank statements for review. If they are found to not be generous givers or money hoarders, they will be dismissed as scripture commands Christians to refuse to associate with Christians who are greedy.
    – All employees will have monitoring devices installed in their cars, homes, and smart phones to see if they regularly swear, violating the teachings of Scripture to not allow unwholesome talk come out of our mouths.
    – All employees will have their homes inspected to ensure they have a recycling plan in place and that they are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Since scripture teaches that at the final judgement God will destroy those who harmed the environment, World Vision is unable to employ anyone living a lifestyle that is unrepentantly harming the environment.
    – All employees will have their closets inspected. Scripture teaches that we are to live a life of modesty and that we are not to wear “costly apparel”. If an employee is found to own expensive clothing or jewelry and refuses to repent, they will be dismissed. On the same token, all homes and cars will be inspected to ensure they are modest, no more than what is needed, and not flashy in any way. Employees who refuse to downsize to modest homes and drive modest cars, will be dismissed for living a lifestyle inconsistent with Biblical Christianity.
    – All employees who divorced and remarried even though their previous spouse was not guilty of adultery, are barred from employment.
    – All employees will be required to reveal if they own or carry a gun for self defense. If they do, it shall be considered that they are idolaters for placing their trust in a weapon instead of God, and will be considered to be unrepentantly rebelling against the command to “love your enemies”. As such, they will be terminated immediately. They will also be shunned since scripture commands we do not associate with idolaters. (And since greed is called “idolatry” in scripture, all greedy people shall be shunned as well)
    Okay, I could go on but I don’t want to cross over into silly.
    Here’s the point: there’s never any consistency when we try to parse out who is living a biblically and who isn’t. Let’s say for argument sake that being in a same sex marriage is a sin. The problem becomes all the other things that the bible seems clear is sin as well:
    Not taking care of your body
    Not taking care of the environment
    Not caring for the poor and being greedy with your money
    Not living modestly and instead being materialistic
    Embracing violence instead of enemy love
    If the former is a sinful lifestyle I can quickly whip out my Bible and show that all the others are too.
    Here’s the problem, and this part IS crystal clear in scripture: as Jesus followers, we are REQUIRED to view our own sin as being worse than the sin of our neighbor. Jesus uses the beam versus speck analogy. Paul said that there is one statement that is “worthy to be said by all Christians” and that is that “Jesus Christ came to save sinners, and I’m the worst one of all of them”.
    Whether or not being in a gay marriage is a sin, the Bible requires that we view our own sin to be WAY WAY worse.
    That’s in the Bible, like it or not.
    I don’t have my theology on this issue all worked out in a way that’s neat and clean. Sorry, but I don’t. I wrestle with it, I pray about it, I ask God to have mercy on me.
    But here’s what I do have worked out and have a crystal clear understanding of:
    Any sin I may find in the life of my brother is a mere dust particle compared to my own sin. That’s the part I understand with perfect clarity. I believe it in the depths of my being.
    And so, you find me here daily trying to invite everyone to experience a life following Jesus.
    I’m saddened by the reversal of World Vision. I’m saddened that Evangelical culture seems obsessed with gay marriage but completely overlooks greed, gluttony, violence, immodesty and clear-cult sinful lifestyles that people actually do choose yet do not bar one from employment in a Christian organization. I lament that one group of people is singled out, but that so many others get a free pass. I lament that we have the entire concept of a beam vs dust particle reversed– the “other” is the one with the dust particle in their eye, not us. Most of all, I lament that there was such a willingness to completely fracture Evangelicalism over this issue. There was a better option.
    I’m also saddened that in the end, the New Evangelicals forced World Vision to do exactly what they criticized them for in the first place: cave to the demands of culture and money. To me, this was the biggest show of hypocrisy of the whole thing. I’m just sad- I don’t know how else to describe it.
    But here’s what encourages me and keeps me going: you all stepped up when we asked. I can’t count the number of emails, comments and messages I’ve received that said “I just went and sponsored a child”. One person even sponsored three! I’m also encouraged by the messages I’ve received that have said, “in spite of their reversal, I will not stop sponsoring this child”, which makes my heart sing.
    THAT, is what it’s about. Thank you for not being hypocrites. Thank you for jumping in and being willing to give to these children.
    It has been a hard week for those of us on the front lines, and I don’t think I’d be presumptuous in speaking for my peers when I say, thank you for the way you all quickly jumped in and supported these children when we asked.

  3. This spiel by Covey was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read.

    Oh the outrage. This isn’t outrage. These people don’t care about kids. They’ve just found a golden opportunity to maliciously attack thousands of good people who supported children for years.

    Watch now for the “Christian Left” and the homosexuals and the militant homosexual marriage activists go into raging overdrive in the hypocritical slimey attack on evangelicals.

    It’s pathetic. The only good thing to come of it, will be that homosexuals in order to make a point and attack Christians publicly will now start supporting children.

    Wait for the big move that started recently for homosexuals and the militant homosexual marriage activist stormtroopers to get together and use starving children as their next big battering ram with which to attack and divide the church.

    If there is anything to be outraged about, it’s the insidious, attack on many people and churches who were with World Vision from the beginning based on the hypocritical feigned outrage of those who want to put homosexual marriage at the forefront of any debate.

    ““I just went and sponsored a child”

    Isn’t that typical. Why did they do that? Just to attack the “Christian right” and to push

    They could have done that last week. They didn’t. Last month. They didn’t. Last year.

    But watch for this movement to snowball.

    But they’Ve reversed their decision. Wonderful. So now, homosexuals and their militant activist storm troopers have suddenly found this new love for the children…….

    Okay homosexuals, now that World Vision has reversed their decision, DON’T WITHDRAW your support, and don’t threaten to go to another charity!

    This Covey piece is pathetic. WV always had a policy of abstinence outside of marriage.

    Going by his malicious hit-piece no Christian organisation can have rules about staff and their sexual life unless they also go counting their calorie intake.

    Probably, simple minded people will read his piece and think it made sense.
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of smile-minded people who have no critical thinking skills.

    Another real casualty is of course Christian unity.

    I used the term “Christian Left” for only one reason. That the term “Christian Right” appeared again. We already have enough denominations. On this blog first it was mega-churches, then charismatic churches that were attacked. Then it became evangelicals.

    Now it’s the “Christian Right”? What is the Christian Right?

    Seriously. Is it anyone who thinks it’s acceptable for a Christian organisation or charity to uphold it’s staff behavior policy?

    So any church or individual who chooses to not employ someone who is an abortion advocate – would they be considered part of the evil Christian right?

    The real tragedy is that the Christian “left” once again, will join hands with atheists, agnostics and people who hate evangelicals to attack, malign, and campaign.

    Who would have thought it would come to this.

    But it will get worse. Already homosexuals on the web are talking about what they will do when homosexual marriage becomes legal in every state of the US.

    All of this because of what….3% of the population who are men who want to marry men?
    Is it 5%
    2 %?

    But watch this space. For the sole reason of pushing their cause and demonising Christians, homosexuals will begin campaigning among themselves and this supporters for a sudden and unprecedented frenzy of child sponsoring.

    That, is the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen in ages. But it shows the true character of the movement.

    Nevertheless, if it takes hatred of evangelicals, and the idea that sponsoring children could further the homosexual agenda in order for more children to be helped, then so be it.

    It’s good news.

  4. The real question is why are the people on the board of World Vision so lacking in intelligence, foresight and competence.

    I hope they aren’t on high salaries…..

    Anyway, the feigned cries for the children on the part of the homosexual militants is deafening.

  5. “More progressive bloggers used their platforms to issue a call encouraging everyone to think about the children”

    The point missed is that the longtime supporters of WV had been thinking about the children for years. But, ironically, the homosexual community just started thinking, or were “told” to start thinking on social media……. not because of children, but because of their own struggle.

    Pathetic. That is what people should be outraged about.

    The fact that people can’t see that is the real amazing thing. But just watch, this issue won’t die down. The homosexuals will try to get every last bullet out of this.

    The ultimate irony. Thousands of homosexuals in gay bars across the western world will suddenly talk about sponsoring children because a Christian organisation decided to maintain a policy they had a week ago.

    Is that not the most amazing thing???
    What a self-absorbed group of people!

    Joined of course by certain people who still want to use the label Christian but jump at the chance at attacking what is STILL the majority Christian view.

    In other news, some Christian organisations think abortion is wrong.

  6. “Here’s the problem, and this part IS crystal clear in scripture: as Jesus followers, we are REQUIRED to view our own sin as being worse than the sin of our neighbour.”

    To Greg, Benjamin, and the angry people.

    SHUT UP!!!! Your sin is worse than that of the Christian right. Stop blogging. Work on you own sin first for a few months THEN come back to your condemning, accusing blogging.
    After all, it IS “crystal clear”.

    Yes, CRYSTAL CLEAR. Benjamin Corey….the man who fails to see the hypocrisy of his own post.

  7. “Most of all, I lament that there was such a willingness to completely fracture Evangelicalism over this issue”

    No, Covey is the one doing that with by having a WHOLE BLOG dedicated to fracturing Christianity and attacking evangelicals who believe what 99% of evangelicals believed 30 years ago. NO make that 10 years ago.

    He claims that evangelicals are obsessed with gays. That’S complete rubbish.

    I’m an evangelical who doesn’t even WANT to think about men having sex with men.
    I grew up never thinking about it. But every day I open the news, there is homosexual news and homosexuals angry about something.

    I’d rather talk about anything else. But, evangelicals are forced to talk about it, because people won’t shut up about it, until churches marry homosexuals, and allow men who have sex with men to preach in their churches.

    Shut up about the very small percentage of people who insist on marrying their own sex, and we won’t have to talk about it any more.

    If all the money and time spent on the strange men who want to have sex with men and marry them was spent on World Vision, imagine what we could have done.

    Case in point. When I was a kid, i hardly ever heard people talk about homosexuality in church. There was no obsession.

    Okay, enough talking about homosexuals. Can we leave this now? Or will the next article be back on gay this and gay that and how bad the evangelicals are…..

    Just leave it Greg. Or are you obsessed? Like Covey seems to be who just had to blog about it!

    Stop obsessing covey

  8. Ahem…No body pushed, cajoled or harangued WV into changing their position a couple of days ago – they did it off their own volition – and that made right thinking people all over very happy. And then immediately the US Evangelicals started to tell people to pull their support of WV because they don’t like boys penis’ touching touching other penis’. In response to that, progressive Christians who support gay equality urged their supporters to pick up the slack that Evangelical Christians were creating.

    The Evangelicals who have loved the little black children for all those years suddenly didn’t like t’he little black children any more…Why? Because the little black children weren’t as important to them as winning their point

    The Progressive Christians who wanted to support WV in their decision in the first place, then begged their followers NOT TO TAKE AWAY their support just because WV went back to a position they couldn’t support…Why?…well because the little black children were more important to them than winning their point.

  9. And Ben’s name is Benjamin Corey…not Covey…that may be Stephen Covey you’re thinking about – you know…the road less traveled…the one the one Christian Evangelicals can’t face going down.

  10. “and that made right thinking people all over very happy.”

    Not right thinking at all.

    “And then immediately the US Evangelicals started to tell people to pull their support of WV”

    Well tell the whole story. There are many Christian aid agencies. There are secular ones too. Most people see nothing wrong at all with some charities having a specific Christian base.

    ” because they don’t like boys penis’ touching touching other penis’.

    Exactly. Or putting then in each other’s anuses. Or the totally unnatural idea of men kissing each other and getting married. So you got something right.
    Even after all the frenzied brainwashing and the best efforts of mass media most people think it’s a silly idea. But soon you will be a majority. Look even a devoted liberal, evangelical hater like Bones took until last year to stop saying homosexual sex was sin- so it takes time but most people fold under relentless browbeating, if they can be convinced they will look cool or clever for changing an opinion.

    “In response to that, progressive Christians who support gay equality”

    You mean those who support “Christian organizations who allow boys pen is touching other boys penis and getting married so they can do it guilt free”

    “urged their supporters to pick up the slack that Evangelical Christians were creating”

    Took them long enough. Should have started years ago. The money spent on homosexual activism could have been better used”. And you know this is just a lame ploy. WV was asking for money last week and the year before. Any homosexuals could have supported WV with their money prior to last week.

    “The Evangelicals who have loved the little black children for all those years suddenly didn’t like t’he little black children any more”

    See that is an incredibly malicious down-right lie and slanderous misrepresentation.

    No evangelicals have stopped loving black children. (Though you could argue that the homosexual marriage activists have INSTANTLY begun loving black children – and only then because they felt they could gain mileage)

    No, the head of AOG in the US publicly advised people to keep supporting children they sponsor but slowly (see even though WV ignored long time supporters he is concerned about the finances of WV) I repeat slowly look at giving surplus funds to other Christian agencies who have SENSIBLE policies – like the ones WV returned to.

    “Because the little black children weren’t as important to them as winning their point”
    Not sure how you sleep at night with such underhand attacks.

    But, they came to their senses. Good news. The instant black child loving homosexuals have started sponsoring.

    And no doubt because this love of black children though remarkably SUDDEN, will last regardless of the WV staffing policy of a week ago. Right?

    Lol perhaps this was all a very clever marketing ploy from the beginning.
    How do you get homosexuals and their militant activist friends to go on a sponsorship drive?
    Ads? No.
    Pictures? No.
    Speeches? No
    DVDs? No.

    Got it!!! Tell them something about homosexuals and a chance to advance their cause and make Christians look bad.

    Bang!!! Instantly, homosexuals stopped touching boys penises and the sounds of YMCA and Abba were reduced just a little and replaced with empathetic sobbing over little black children.

    A miracle!

  11. So, and it amazes me…and says something about your state of mind, that you get so heated about this topic that you make claims that are simply ludicrous. Is it your position that no gays lesbians, transgender or queer people supported World Vision before this stupidity?

    Wow, the head of the AOG said slowly…whoopdido! Others tweeted “farewell World Vision”.

    Nothing I’ve said is malicious…it is all fact…everything you have said (even as far as to have more than the last comment on this subject) is less than factual…in the extreme.

  12. Even atheists do good works, and rightfully so. One can say that the ability of a person to do a good work means that they are receiving necessary grace from God in order to correct their own lives – that God is working in their lives, trying to “fix” what is not right there (and in the ones they are helping). But, if that person who does good works is disobedient to the established will of God, then there is still a serious problem – he is on the way, but not ready yet; he is beginning to listen and respond, but only conditionally, perhaps out of a selfish concern for ones own soul since he knows that he continues to disobey the weightier requirements for loving God. So, if a blind man is listening but still can not see, one should not follow that man lest he stumble and fall into a pit.

  13. There seems to be a concept of people being in one of two states :

    1. Living in Sin (unrepentant)
    2. Being a normal Christian

    I dont think this is correct, I think we are all living in Sin of one sort or another.

    There also seems to be an idea that the person living “in Sin” is a danger to the others, will lead them astray etc. or God will punish the whole group because of the one who is in sin.

    The most common marker of “living in Sin” is some supposed sexual sin.

  14. But remember, in Australia they have a right to be bigotted

    (disclaimer : not a political statement)

  15. To the person who posted the original article:

    You need to replace the word “accept” with “except”.


  16. Q, you totally skip over the point that so called Christians who are against gays cherry pick which sin to hate and which is ok. You can’t take the verse out of Leviticus that calls homosexuals an “abomination” and totally ignore the many other things in that book also called abominations. Your view on homosexuality is extremely small minded, thankfully people like you are loud but not that plentiful. Many Christians not to mention a great many non Christians accept homosexuality for what it is, a sexuality. No one chooses to be gay you just are. Just like you’re straight and not gay. So you stay on your self righteous high horse with your bigoted mind set, because in the grand scheme of things you and people like you are pretty irrelevant. Accepting gays for who they are is inevitable because it’s the right thing to do, it’s just a matter of time. Doesn’t it get tiresome to hate a group of people you don’t even know?

  17. Whoa down there fella…Q holds his belief about homosexuality in good faith, he is not being bigoted…I don’t agree with him and think his view is wrong, however I think we need to treat eachother with respect here.

  18. Great article here

    The Religion of Jesus

    “With what shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before God on high? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings, with calves a year old? Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, with ten thousands of rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:6-8)


  19. I just can not believe that this can still be happening in 2014. How is it that we can still have such hatred in our hearts that we can allow the weakest among us to suffer like this? I don’t make shit for pay but if I was to come across a child like this; I don’t know if I could pass him by and not shelter and feed him.

    I think of myself as a humanist as I do not believe in a higher power but It seems I’m closer to a christian then most of the right-wing/conservative christians these days.

  20. Well, by and large Q’s posts are correct. Someone posted that Christians cherry pick their sins and Corey recently wrote an article comparing homosexuality to gluttony. All of that is nonsense. I do not know a Christian that says it is okay to be a glutton. Also, recognize that God sanctioned and even promised Feasts in which “more than what we need” will be consumed. So, much eating and feasting is not a sin. Gluttony requires a mental element. Homosexual acts themselves are sin — no need to judge someone’s heart or mind.

    See the hypocrisy in Corey’s article– he judges a heavy person to be a glutton. Yet, Christians who simply repeat from the Bible that homosexual acts are sin are called the hypocrites and judges, and yet no one is judging the heart of the person; the homosexual act itself is the sin. Corey on the other hand judges the heart of the heavy person and insists that Christians are hypocrites because they do not condemn the heavy person as a glutton. That is being judgmental. No one is being judgmental when they simply repeat what is clearly in the Bible — that homosexual acts are sin.

    Corey’s logic is flawed and I hope this is not intentional or dishonest.

  21. Bones, you are accusing others of hating individuals. That is not only untrue it is hateful. I hope it is not intentionally dishonest.

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