The Ethics of teaching Scripture

From a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald: But the experience taught me a number of things. Firstly, people’s belief systems are changeable but this process is complicated and is usually triggered by introspective interrogation and critical thinking, not by external correction and imposition of views. Secondly, some people will always place more importance … More The Ethics of teaching Scripture

Calvinist Credibility

John Piper said: Why are Calvinists so negative? I love the doctrines of grace with all my heart, and I think they are pride-shattering, humbling, and love-producing doctrines. But I think there is an attractiveness about them to some people, in large matter, because of their intellectual rigor. They are powerfully coherent doctrines, and certain … More Calvinist Credibility

Spiritual Pride – the Biggest Sin?

Bull said: If I asked you “what is the biggest and most frequent Sin in churches around the world today?” what would be your answer? Some might say “greed” or “adultery” (husband/wife) or even “spiritual adultery” (God/other things). I think the problems in churches are caused by many things including what I have listed. However … More Spiritual Pride – the Biggest Sin?

Apostles and Prophets

How do we recognise an Apostle or a Prophet? With the emphasis on five-fold ministry these days, we hear these titles thrown around, yet we also see people claiming these titles prophecying things that don’t come to pass, once a stoneable offence, or becoming involved in scandalous behaviour, despite being at the top of the … More Apostles and Prophets

Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Thanks very much to Teddy, who passed the link below about Anne Rice on to me. Anne Rice, the famous novelist, (‘Interview with the Vampire’ series), has renounced Christianity on her Facebook page, but states that she remains as committed to Christ as always. Rice posted: For those who care, and I understand if you … More Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

A recent trend in the US is for multi-site churches to use video to present the senior pastor’s sermon to the church branches where he/she is not present. Teddy provided a link to The Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, where Ps Ed Young beams his sermons by video to presumably 4 of the 5 churches … More Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

Business in the House

I can’t quite connect the dots with Paul as a bi-vocational “pastor”/tentmaker with the accompanying shipwrecks, scourgings, near death experiences and jail, with PP’s “Your Best Life”, conference junkets and Splat Pens. – Teddy on a recent thread. Of course we are not bound by law as to what we do in a church, so … More Business in the House