Hill$ong Bulldung

The Vision Mission Statement To reach and influence the world by building a large Christ-centred, Bible-based church, changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life. This mission is outworked through four major campuses (Hills, City, South West and Brisbane), a city-wide network of connect groups, contributing ministries and extension … More Hill$ong Bulldung

Run From The Hills – Away From Hill$ong

Brian Houston tweets: Miracles are all about moving you, & positioning you for blessing. -They position you to BE a blessing. about 16 hours ago via ÜberTwitter Retweeted by 88 people From: http://twitter.com/BrianCHouston/status/1724212741939201 It may also be worth bookmarking this site: http://hillsongcollected.com/ Hillsong collected is a blog which collects the thoughts and stories of various … More Run From The Hills – Away From Hill$ong

Houston, Pringle & Pat Mesiti (The Infamous Trinit-eretics)

This is another old article from the old Signposts that Lance posted up. Since Hillsong London invited Pat Mesiti to speak last month, people have expressed interest in me to do some more searching. There are a few old transcripts from both Hillsong and C3 that I will be putting up over the next few … More Houston, Pringle & Pat Mesiti (The Infamous Trinit-eretics)

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Nonsense

From http://onceuponacross.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-finally-got-sent-hillsong-video-that.html: I Finally Got Sent A Hillsong Video That Proves They Preach The Gospel . . . NOT!! To his credit Troy did take up my challenge that no one else has responded to. He went looking for a solid example of someone from Hillsong church preaching the Gospel. I had burdened Troy with … More The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Nonsense

My! Have Times Changed!

Here is an old article I thought was worth keeping: Diana Bagnall The New Believers Diana Bagnall wrote this cover story for the 11 April, 2000 issue of The Bulletin, with Newsweek, reproduced here with permission. ___________________ The Great Leap of Faith – comment by Max Welsh, Editor-in-Chief of The Bulletin: In discussing the role … More My! Have Times Changed!

Today Tonight & Hillsong

By freak chance, I just saw the Today Tonight report on Hillsong. Both Steve West, Phil Powell and Xenophon were interviewed as Today Tonight unashamedly ripped into Hillsong. http://au.video.yahoo.com/watch/8079241/21383332 Edit: Here is a note from Brian and Bobby Houston (From: http://hillsong.com/bobbies-and-my-finances-letter-brian-houston ) Bobbie’s and My Finances… A letter from Brian Houston. Well, friend, you might … More Today Tonight & Hillsong

Hillsong Stillwrong

On the topic of ‘The Tongue Of Tetzel’, The Hillsong Conference is on NEXT week. Unfortunately this is STILL their list of speakers: 2010 Guests We are so excited by the calibre of Guest Speakers we have joining us at Hillsong Conference in 2010. They all have great experience in their respective fields & we … More Hillsong Stillwrong

Deception Champions the Cause of Hillsong Conference 2010

The Hillsong website reads: Faith, Hope, Love. If they were honest with themselves, it should read: Money, Power, Deception. Seems like a strong statement to make. But on their website, in regards to their conference they say: “Hillsong Conference is designed to champion the cause of the local church everywhere.” If they are ‘championing the … More Deception Champions the Cause of Hillsong Conference 2010