Burning Australia and YWAM With the IHOP Cult

Burning Ones

First some information about Burn24/7 and IHOP.

IHOP is a cult.

It’s recognised world-wide as a cult movement – the cry coming from families who have lost their kids to this deceptive movement run by Mike Bickle.

The IHOP has planned to come to Australia in the past with not much success. It was in IHOP LI (International House of Prayer Long Island), that I personally heard of Sean Feucht. He founded the Furnaces with IHOP but is greater known for starting the Burn24/7:

Sean Feucht is a husband, father, musician, speaker, writer, revivalist, and founder of the grassroots global worship, prayer, and missions organization “Burn 24/7.” www,seanfeucht.com www.burn24-7.com www.fireandfragrancebook.com

(From: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sean-Feucht/26629742486#!/pages/Sean-Feucht/26629742486?sk=info)

To try and slip past radar’s they have tried various names such as Furnace or Furnace24/7. Their latest attempt is the FOA, Fire on The Altar. This was founded by Rick Pino and Sean Feucht:

“… Founded in 2009 by Rick Pino and Sean Feucht, FOA gathers believers from across denominational boundaries and rallies them together in worship and prayer to see Jesus glorified through both personal and cultural revival.”

(From: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:rb_cho5D2UEJ:www.burn24-7.com/+Sean+Freucht&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au&source=www.google.com.au)

Here you can see the FOA have the same mandate as the IHOP cult:

(From: http://www.fireonthealtar.org/Fire-on-the-Altar/Fire_on_the_Altar___Home.html)

Simply go to http://burn24-7.com, and you will see that it is supported by IHOP, Sean Feuchts other ‘ministries’ and events:

On March 10, 2010, in Blog, Events, by Teresa

Currently, certain Houses of Prayer, Churches and Campus Ministries across the nation are experiencing a tangible encounter with the Holy Spirit that is increasing in intensity and is deeply impacting the lives of those attending. IHOP-KC is one of them. “onething” is their outreach arm to the cities and regions of the earth that they […]

Currently, certain Houses of Prayer, Churches and Campus Ministries across the nation are experiencing a tangible encounter with the Holy Spirit that is increasing in intensity and is deeply impacting the lives of those attending. IHOP-KC is one of them. “onething” is their outreach arm to the cities and regions of the earth that they prayerfully consider sowing into and they are coming to sow into New York in April and into New Jersey in July.

We have prayed for years now for the Lord to bring strong equipping conferences to the youth and young adults on Long Island. This year, we have had a series of events orchestrated independently and solely through prayer that has been focusing it’s attention on the NYC Metro Region and on the Campuses of America. Behind the scenes there have been a number of meetings over the last year that make me confident that the Lord is setting up the region. Something is up! This event is important to consider as it surely will have a lasting impact upon the churches and campuses of those represented. It is a necessary prelude to further strengthen and drench the region in prayer.

Please pass this information on to anyone and everyone that you believe may have an interest. The registration is free but necessary before entry.
Also, keep in mind that May 21-22 we will be hosting the follow up to this event called “Fuel School” at Central Suffolk Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Central Islip. We believe those two days will be a crucial time of knitting and equipping for Long Island Churches, Campuses, Para-Church Ministries and all sorts of other beautiful expressions of God’s Kingdom here. Please pass that information on as well.
onething New York
Start Time: Friday, April 16, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time: Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 10:00pm
Location: Promise Ministries 130-30 31st Ave Flushing, NY 11354
Registration opens at 5PM on Friday; the conference begins at 7PM.

onething regionals are the International House of Prayer’s conferences for young adults, held in cities throughout the United States as well as in other countries.

At this important time in history, God is raising up a movement of young adults and awakening their hearts to intimately encounter Him, that they might give themselves to love Jesus with all their hearts, proclaim His Word to their generation, and bring the kingdom to every sphere of society. onething regionals exist to communicate these truths to high school and college students everywhere. It is our dream to see thousands upon thousands make the decision to embrace the glory of living a life of one thing, as expressed by King David in Psalm 27:4.

One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple (Ps. 27:4, NKJV). Registration is FREE. http://www.ihop.org/PaymentGroup/Registration.aspx?payment_group_id=1000001413 to go to the registration link.http://www.ihop.org/onething
Would you like to help get the word out that onething is coming? We’ll send you a free promo pack with posters, postcards, and a promo dvd! Email us at onething@ihop.org with your name and address. You can also pass this event around to your facebook friends.

The Ministry Mole Is Back!

I think I am stuck on Elijah List. Look who’s advertising themselves on the Elijah List? It’s none other than Sean Feucht.

In case you forgot who he is, Feucht is the man who is spreading the Burn 24/7’s around Sydney. When some Australian pastors did not want IHOP and its ‘Furnaces’ to come to Sydney with their cult-like teachings and practices, (Bridal Paradigm, David Tabernacle Teaching, Harp and Bowl Worship,etc), Feucht came out from among them and planted these around Sydney and NSW’s.

Burn 24/7’s are in New Earth Tribe in Byron Bay, Jubilee Church, Dayspring Church and Deewhy New Life Baptist Church. There is also one in Blacktown (Peter Madden and 10,000 Warriors article) and another in Nowra.

This old clip is from Feucht.


I am someone who loves Jubilee, Dayspring and New Earth Tribe. Now the majority of these churches who have these ‘Burn 24/7’s’ pump KCP (Kansas City Prophets) filth through IHOP through the Burn24/7’s. God help them.

Now Feucht is being advertised on the ElijahList (old I know!). The advert reveals a bit of what he believes. The fact that he is even advertised on the ElijahList should also make these churches skeptical what he believes and practices.


Join Rick Pino and Sean Feucht

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Apr 29, 2010


COME READY TO GET LIT AFLAME WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF GOD’S LOVE! We will have two nights of going after God’s Presence through worship and prayer with Sean Feucht and Rick Pino. We will be asking God for dynamic breakthrough and revival across the Northeast! There will be times of strategic impartation and commissioning for university revivalists to take their college campuses for Jesus! THIS EVENT IS FREE!

*We will also be hosting a “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on Saturday from 10am-12pm and 1pm to 4pm with the goal of praying, strategizing, sharing our hearts and building authentic relationship among leaders on their university campuses for a beautiful convergence and move in the fall of 2010. All leaders are welcome.


RICK PINO is the founder of Fire Rain Ministries, a revival ministry focused on sharing the reality of Jesus’ love to the nations through music, prophecy, and acts of love. “Preparing a people for the Lord” is Fire Rain Ministry’s motto.
SEAN FEUCHT is the founder and director of the Burn 24-7. He is a prophetic psalmist with a vision for planting Davidic houses of vertical worship and prayer and “resting places” for God in cities and nations all over the earth. Sean has a passion to see people of all nations come into their destiny to release the sounds and fragrance of Heaven through night and day worship and prayer that will usher in the Presence of God transforming, block by block, city by city, region by region and nation by nation until all of the world burns with the Glory of God.
May 21-May 23
Also join us for a special “Watchmen’s Roundtable” on May 22nd (Saturday) two sessions 9am – noon and 1pm-4pm. All leaders are welcome!
May 21st 7:00pm
May 22nd 10:00am (roundtable)
May 22nd 1:00pm (roundtable)
May 22nd 7:00pm
May 23rd 7:00pm
Life Center Ministries (Harrisburg, PA)
411 S 40th St
Harrisburg, PA 1711
Contact: www.lcmi.org OR www.burn24-7.com for more information. 

Phone: 717-232-9006