Dave, Ward Lucas & C3 Balmain

Thanks to Dave for this link: http://sites.google.com/site/c3churchbalmainreviewpage/ “WHERE DID C3 CHURCH BALMAIN’S REVIEW PAGE GO? THE MYSTERY SOLVED Family friendly? Because of stinging public criticism by reviewers,C3 Church Balmain recently took down its Google page. It is possible Google removed the page after complaints were made to them about the honesty and legality of the positive reviews on the page. If the leaders … More Dave, Ward Lucas & C3 Balmain

Phil Pringle, Unapologetic Towards God In His Error

From http://www.c3churchglobal.com/video/c3-church-oxford-falls-leaders-2?xg_source=activity: C3 Church Oxford Falls Leaders Meeting May 02 2010 with Phil Pringle At 36:20 Phil Pringle says the following: “Sylvia Jarry! My GOD! I heard her take- I was at Prime the other night with Kris. We did a little interview and here’s Sylvia giving the offering. My Lord! She just slapped everybody … More Phil Pringle, Unapologetic Towards God In His Error

C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’

C3, for their Rise and Build event, have released a publication called Vision Builders. I had to write this out because I am absent of a scanner or camera at the moment. I found this booklet quite revealing. “VISION Every year we jointly commit to the task of resourcing the vision that God has given … More C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’