A Visual Journey Through Reformed Theology

Reformed Theology
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Penal Substitution

A visual History of New Calvinism


13 thoughts on “A Visual Journey Through Reformed Theology

  1. Okay Gregory, this article will no doubt come up in groupsects or here anyway – a matter if time.

    But what’s your Social Commentator take on the latest crazy statistic?

    On some adultery website, where people hook up, users list their religion.

    Top at over 20% was …… evangelicals!!!

    What’s that about??

    Unless, liberals like you are lying and masquerading as Evangelicals to make them look bad?? 🙂

    At least Pentecostal/Charismatic weren’t listed.

    Evangelicals?? Beat out Catholics even.

    Another sad day.

    How’s your flu?

  2. There’s no conspiracy, its just that you generally have to select a religion from a drop-down list, and they never have “Emergent Liberal Christian on Post-modern existential journey that resonates with oneself alone” – so I just choose the next closest which is “Evangelical”

  3. lol

    But what if you hook up with an evangelical who thinks you were being honest? You’ll end up just arguing.

    But, that would be a good ending I suppose!

    Anyway, you could have at least chosen Catholic…
    Greg probably thought the same way as you and you are skewing the stats!!

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