PENTE-COST-A-LOTS! Starring FRAUDS That Want Your Money!

How many more wolves and frauds must the church tolerate in the ‘name of Jesus’? Check out their website here: On there site was this: Passover Teaching With Steve Munsey Sunday, June 5, 2011 |  Guest: Next week on “Inspiration Today!” prepare your heart for Campmeeting with Spirit-filled, empowering worship! Live a victorious, Christ-centered … More PENTE-COST-A-LOTS! Starring FRAUDS That Want Your Money!

Instead Of Banks Taking Your Money, Let Pringle Fleece You Instead!

Going through my desk I found some old documents and CD’s that I’d backed up or printed from the original Signposts2, which was run by Lance. I found the below transcript, on which I scrawled the words ‘a load of spider-bull: -> cleverly weaved bull”. Please note how closely Pringle associates money being the power … More Instead Of Banks Taking Your Money, Let Pringle Fleece You Instead!

Bill Palmer’s Criticism of Phil Pringle

I found this article on the archive of my computer. The quote by Phil Pringle at the end of this article is priceless. Bill Palmer writes vehemently on Phil Pringle and examines his book, ‘Keys to Financial Poverty Success’: Keys to Financial Excellence – a commentary on Phil Pringle’s book A SCRIPTURAL COMMENTARY & REBUTTAL … More Bill Palmer’s Criticism of Phil Pringle

Today Tonight & Hillsong

By freak chance, I just saw the Today Tonight report on Hillsong. Both Steve West, Phil Powell and Xenophon were interviewed as Today Tonight unashamedly ripped into Hillsong. Edit: Here is a note from Brian and Bobby Houston (From: ) Bobbie’s and My Finances… A letter from Brian Houston. Well, friend, you might … More Today Tonight & Hillsong

The IHOP Cult

Some of my IHOP “Red Flags” Posted: January 1, 2010 by Ariel in Cult, Deception, False doctrines, IHOP, Leaving a cult, Mike Bickle, Spiritual Abuse 35 There were many, many experiences that made me do a double take and say “what?” while I was at IHOP but that internal questioning was quickly explained away or rebuked … More The IHOP Cult

Hillsong Stillwrong

On the topic of ‘The Tongue Of Tetzel’, The Hillsong Conference is on NEXT week. Unfortunately this is STILL their list of speakers: 2010 Guests We are so excited by the calibre of Guest Speakers we have joining us at Hillsong Conference in 2010. They all have great experience in their respective fields & we … More Hillsong Stillwrong

C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’

C3, for their Rise and Build event, have released a publication called Vision Builders. I had to write this out because I am absent of a scanner or camera at the moment. I found this booklet quite revealing. “VISION Every year we jointly commit to the task of resourcing the vision that God has given … More C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’