The C3I Values – God and people, another perspective

Looking at the video from the previous post,’The C3I Values – Not People!‘, it is apparent that Phil Pringle indeed gives mention, often, to God and people as being the main reason for the existence of C3I, so I have noted some of the things Phil said, including the ten points, and added a short … More The C3I Values – God and people, another perspective

The Purpose-Driven Herd

It was only a matter of time.  Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven techniques are so effective in managing the flocks within churches, that they are now being used to manage other herds of dumb animals. This article in the Cattlenetwork (“The source for Cattle news”) shows how Rick’s techniques are being used to manage Cows.  Apparently its … More The Purpose-Driven Herd

Anxiety and Depression among Pentecostals

Tanya Levin in her book “People in Glass Houses” quoted studies showing an incidence of anxiety and depression among Pentecostals as three times higher than other Protestants. There appears to be some support for this in the literature.  This 1994 study by Harold G Koenig states <i> “Among the baby boomers, Pentecostals had significantly higher six-month and … More Anxiety and Depression among Pentecostals