Is the Corporate Church fading in the Internet Age?

Muppet has raised an interesting question, particularly for those of us who include a blogging community and teaching available over the internet as part of our Christian lives. Muppet commented: “But instead sold a product that is most advantageous to the advisor” [-RP, earlier, commenting on moral hazard] This has been the basis of business … More Is the Corporate Church fading in the Internet Age?

Jesus Spiked Ford’s Juice! Wooooaahhh!!!

Oh Gosh! Be shocked and amused by more absurdities of Matt Ford’s Ministries! The point? =============================================================== Sydney 27-31, Psychic Fair 29th.. free spiritual readings Matt Ford Our first love feast.. report Dear Partner’s and Friends, WOW, is about all I can say about our first Love Feast Celebration.  It was crazy, and for me to … More Jesus Spiked Ford’s Juice! Wooooaahhh!!!

Prophecies of Revival

SpecksandPlanks latest post reminded me of these questions, which bugged me over the years. (But I used to ignore them and push it conveniently aside.) Question 1: Why do we hear so many prophecies about Revival; why are they so frequently located in the home city where we here the prophecy, and why don’t they … More Prophecies of Revival