Complacent Brian Houston Dances With Wolves

From: Brian Houston Warns Church Leaders of Complacency By Katherine T. Phan|Christian Post Reporter After 34 years in ministry and spending most of that pastoring one church, Brian Houston, founding pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, said Friday that he doesn’t want to become complacent and unaware of what God wants to do through … More Complacent Brian Houston Dances With Wolves

When Leaven Invades Church

The heretical Bill Johnson is coming to Australia to speak at C3’s Presence Conference: He’s also speaking at Dayspring. From: When Heaven Invades Earth 2011 Only when the Kingdom of Heaven invades our earthly reality will we see the church equipped to live “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Bill Johnson is … More When Leaven Invades Church

The Whole Earth Is Philled… With This Philth?

This is a photo of the last page in C3’s Presence Conference 2011 Booklet for next year. I can’t believe how C3 Church Oxford Falls keeps sinking greater depths. They make Babylon look like New Jerusalem. Presence… or mostly likely absent of God’s Presence. For the glory of the Lord is risen… upon depraved and … More The Whole Earth Is Philled… With This Philth?

Thistles Among Figs AsiaConference 2010

This got my attention. There are some shocking preachers speaking. Does anyone know if any of the other preachers among the thistles are figs? From INTERNATIONAL Richard Bernal | Chang Mao-Song | Mark Conner | Jeff Crabtree | Ken Eldred | Kim Sung-Hae | Abraham Ku | Kevin Loo Sidney Mohede | Peter Mortlock … More Thistles Among Figs AsiaConference 2010

Hillsong Stillwrong

On the topic of ‘The Tongue Of Tetzel’, The Hillsong Conference is on NEXT week. Unfortunately this is STILL their list of speakers: 2010 Guests We are so excited by the calibre of Guest Speakers we have joining us at Hillsong Conference in 2010. They all have great experience in their respective fields & we … More Hillsong Stillwrong

Deception Champions the Cause of Hillsong Conference 2010

The Hillsong website reads: Faith, Hope, Love. If they were honest with themselves, it should read: Money, Power, Deception. Seems like a strong statement to make. But on their website, in regards to their conference they say: “Hillsong Conference is designed to champion the cause of the local church everywhere.” If they are ‘championing the … More Deception Champions the Cause of Hillsong Conference 2010