They Wish You A Merry Christmas With A Crappy New Smear

Thank you for the anonymous person for this email. Remember how Matt Ford mocked different churches and was trying to be different from religious ministries? He included lightly mocking and opposing places like prosperity gospel churches. Well the tables have turned. This is another intriguing email from Matt Ford’s newsletter. He seems to be promoting … More They Wish You A Merry Christmas With A Crappy New Smear

Off-The-Edge Church Adelaide

From The False Prophets – Edge Church Adelaide I thought I would write a quick article on the corruption and fraud that is occurring in these so called Churches in Adelaide, if I dare call them a Church lest I blaspheme Gods name. These congregations in Adelaide that call themselves churches are a joke … More Off-The-Edge Church Adelaide

Today Tonight & Hillsong

By freak chance, I just saw the Today Tonight report on Hillsong. Both Steve West, Phil Powell and Xenophon were interviewed as Today Tonight unashamedly ripped into Hillsong. Edit: Here is a note from Brian and Bobby Houston (From: ) Bobbie’s and My Finances… A letter from Brian Houston. Well, friend, you might … More Today Tonight & Hillsong

Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

Thanks JohnEatsLocusts! This article is frightening! I am a pentecostal believer. And while I am not a prosperity gospel believing pentecostal, I couldn’t resist this humorous title! I don’t mind if Pentecostals are the dumb blonds in religious jokes. I used to be blond. From: The Ponzi Prosperity Gospel By Pen Itent Pen Itent … More Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal