Bringing Clarity to Christmas – The Path of Sapphire

First I’d like to thank FaceLift for his dedication in posting up the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ special. After such beautiful and inspiring messages for the ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ from the top church honcho’s, I’d like to encourage those who have authorship to blog and add their own little speech about Christmas if they … More Bringing Clarity to Christmas – The Path of Sapphire

Twelve days of Christmas 11

The Presbyterians chip in: Presbyterian Church of Australia Our youngest daughter has just had her first child.  Tiny.  Helpless.  Utterly dependent.  Profoundly loved.  They called him Sebastian, because they liked the name.   2000 years ago, another little one was born.  In Bethlehem.  They certainly didn’t have the facilities our daughter enjoyed.  Did they even … More Twelve days of Christmas 11

Once were Pentes

  I have been reading a book called “Beyond Born Again: Towards Evangelical Maturity” by Robert M Price.  By Evangelical, Price means “Born Again” Christianity in general, including Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism.  Coming from an Evangelical history and perspective, Price points out the contradictions and difficulties in both the culture and theology of born-again Christianity.  He does … More Once were Pentes

Twelve days of Christmas 6

The Baptist Union actually have a double portion – two thoughts for Christmas: Baptist Union of Australia It’s time to claim back Christmas!  Once a solemn Christian memorial to the birth of Jesus, for many Australians it’s devolved into a retail festival that misses the point.  Cheer and good will give way to frenzied activity, … More Twelve days of Christmas 6