I Right, Therefore I’m Bright!

From http://iblogo.com/2009/06/24/online-writing-isisnt-making-students-better-writers/: Online Writing Is/Isn’t Making Students Better Writers The Chronicle of Higher Education recently wrote about a number of studies attempting to determine if online writing (blogs, Twitter, etc.) are helping students become better writers. The experts are divided, many saying that the short, abbreviated style of online writing is preventing students from learning the … More I Right, Therefore I’m Bright!

If You’re Psychic & You’re Christian, Clap My Hands! *Clap!* *Clap!*

Just finished talking to some random American’s about a dodgy minister called ‘Mark Chironna’. He is part of Peter Wagner’s NAR. M’Kayla wrote: Mark Chironna another pea in the pod of poo I don’t know much about Mark Chironna. Only that he partnered and pal’d around with Kim Clement a few years back. He’s been around … More If You’re Psychic & You’re Christian, Clap My Hands! *Clap!* *Clap!*

God Is Shaking His TV Set…

Yes. GODTV has been shaken financially and are being taken off DIRECTV for ‘business reasons’. It’s URGENT to watch if you’re allergic to cash. Quite laughable if you watch how they try to desperately get your wallet. http://www.god.tv/directv/latest Read here the ‘testimonies’ of pour souls who’s hearts are for FRAUDTV staying on DIRECTV here: http://www.god.tv/directv/testimoniesMore God Is Shaking His TV Set…

*Pumped!* To Be A Pente

Teddy put this link up on a previous thread. Churches in Australia went through the same fad where young Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol) and Christopher Egan (Home and Away) helped popularise “cool Christianity” down under from 2005 onwards. I saw that heading towards disaster fast if mega-churches were keen to go down that road. But … More *Pumped!* To Be A Pente

Lustful Leadership Laws – Kong Hee Style!

First, from the Museum of Idolatry (Thanks Teddy!). Rosborough posts http://www.alittleleaven.com/2010/06/leadership-idol.html ): Leadership Idol? To even a casual outside observer it would appear that the latest fad to sweep through the Christian church centers around Leadership. One may argue that this insatiable lust for leadership principles borders on idoltry. Here’s just a sampling of this … More Lustful Leadership Laws – Kong Hee Style!

Spiritual Pride – the Biggest Sin?

Bull said: If I asked you “what is the biggest and most frequent Sin in churches around the world today?” what would be your answer? Some might say “greed” or “adultery” (husband/wife) or even “spiritual adultery” (God/other things). I think the problems in churches are caused by many things including what I have listed. However … More Spiritual Pride – the Biggest Sin?