Judging Jerks

Donald Miller writes: “Why Doctrine is Only Half the Message Share331 In your opinion, is being a jerk heresy? I only ask this because it seems we’ve lost touch with a true, holistic understanding of communication, believing as long as our ideas are theologically or philosophically true, we can present those truths through an offensive … More Judging Jerks

The Cure for the Old, Dead, Denominational Church

In “Churchquake: How the New Apostolic Reformation Is Shaking Up the Church As We Know It”,   C. Peter Wagner presents a case that the church is either dead or dying in the West.   He presents some ways of avoiding these “Tombstones” of the church : ” SEVEN WAYS TO AVOID TOMBSTONE MARKERS NO ACADEMIA.  New … More The Cure for the Old, Dead, Denominational Church

Phil Pringle Going To The APMF…

Phil Pringle says on his itinerary (observe he is now on wordpress!): “2nd – 3rd March 2010 Ps Phil attending APMF Meeting” http://philpringle.wordpress.com/my-itinerary/ Here is an old document informing us of the APMF’s members in 2001. I encourage you to read the full article. It’s really interesting. Some information that interested me from this: … More Phil Pringle Going To The APMF…

The Vision thing

Vision is something you hear a lot of nowdays in Pentecostal circles.  Apparently you are supposed to have it, or at least follow someone else’s.  Phil Pringle blogs about the importance of getting a vision.  Someone mentioned “vision-casting” and I noticed that Rick Warren describes his own leadership in that way: “I know my leadership style. … More The Vision thing

“I’m A Barbie Girl… Religious Clothes Again?”

Mariaclarita blogs… So, I was getting settled into my laptop to do some work, but before I got started I ran into this. Episcopal Priest Barbie (of whom I am now a friend on Facebook). This morning in the shower, after a particularly good yoga workout, I had already been thinking about religion. I was turning … More “I’m A Barbie Girl… Religious Clothes Again?”