Crystal Clear Cathedrals

Ministry Watch Ministry Watch is an organisation which rates Christian charities using a variety of measures including openness and transparency, due diligence integrity research, value and beliefs, efficiency and effectiveness, and finally, best practices. Their aim is to help us be good stewards, ensuring that our donations are not wasted or misappropriated, and that they … More Crystal Clear Cathedrals

I Believe It, Therefore It’s True

From : Most Christians Cannot Explain their Faith, Says Apologist By Edmond Chua|Christian Post Correspondent The faith of most Christians, even that of many pastors, will not stand up to intellectual scrutiny, according to renowned apologist Josh McDowell. Related Survey: Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church Saving Youth from Church Exodus Not Enough, Says … More I Believe It, Therefore It’s True

C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’

C3, for their Rise and Build event, have released a publication called Vision Builders. I had to write this out because I am absent of a scanner or camera at the moment. I found this booklet quite revealing. “VISION Every year we jointly commit to the task of resourcing the vision that God has given … More C3 ‘Vision Builders’ Pamphlet for ‘Rise & Build’

The Big Brother ‘Bother’ & The Big Sister ‘Twister’

End Times Prophetic says: “Newsflash! Emerge Wale’s Dave Vaughan, a ‘New Ecstatic’ who hangs with the likes of ‘whacked out’ Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder on the fringes of the fringes of the unreal, fake and often loony charismatic church, has become a contestant on ‘reality’ TV. Tonight the self-proclaimed “Christian minister” became an official … More The Big Brother ‘Bother’ & The Big Sister ‘Twister’