Irrelevant Church ‘Relevance’

Found this interesting article from: Tattoos at Mill Creek church pierce skin, soul A Mill Creek church invited its members to be tattooed during Sunday services. By Nick Perry Seattle Times staff reporter The sight of a woman being tattooed live on the altar accompanied by the sound of a buzzing ink gun provided … More Irrelevant Church ‘Relevance’

Just Genius

A simple and affective video highlighting the absurdities of seeker-sensitive preachers. My favourite youtube snippet of these guys is ‘super emotional worship leader’.

Christian Nudity

I know we’ve already discussed whether new Christians coming from cultures where bare breasts are regarded as the norm should be asked to cover up once they become believers. The actual conversation is worth reading and can be found here on this thread which diverged. Most people agreed with Raving Evangelical’s well put scriptural stance … More Christian Nudity

Clash for Cash – Barthrop Defiles Jesus

Brandon Barthop has gone too far! – – – – – – – – – – Brandon Barthrop 2 NEW BREAKER CLOTHING T-SHIRT DESIGNS!!! “JOLLY TRIUMPH” & “THE NEVERENDING STORY JESUS” BREAKER CLOTHING Source: T-Shirt that whack you up! Breaker Clothing line is simply the drunkest, wildest, craziest t-shirts anywhere! Shop securely today using … More Clash for Cash – Barthrop Defiles Jesus

A Power or Problem With Teaching ‘Principles’ In Church?

I think what Heretic said, is very insightful about ‘principles’. You live in Jesus not through so-called principles. So-called biblical principles that the bible does not teach. Additions to scripture that are used to manipulate. So-called biblical principles are the modern fraudsters’ attempts to reinterpret Jesus words as a new form of law to control … More A Power or Problem With Teaching ‘Principles’ In Church?