Finally, a positive press article on Hillsong…

From the Courier Mail in Brisbane, an article which finally identifies the incredible reach of Hillsong. Hillsong’s message and music has a resonance worldwide that eclipses that of the church’s Aussie birthplace BRIAN Houston had just paid the bill and was about to head into a cool autumn night when two men approached him and … More Finally, a positive press article on Hillsong…

Mere Christianity

 Often we have on this site discussion and questioning around what it actually means to be a Christian.  What does one have to be, say, do, or believe in order to (with any integrity) call oneself a Christian.  Is there a line which one must cross? Is there a hoop through which one must jump? … More Mere Christianity

Is Roman Catholic Doctrine Biblical? Canonising Saints

How does a person become a saint? That is a valid question. The Bible speaks of saints – people who are sanctified, made holy by the blood of Jesus through faith in Him. Saints alive! Paul, in his letters, addresses the saints at various cities in the Asian regions he evangelised. An outstanding characteristic of … More Is Roman Catholic Doctrine Biblical? Canonising Saints

Christianity’s Changing Place in Western Society

In this video (“Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause”), there is a lot of food for thought about Christianity’s changing place in western society and the issue of free speech. The role of chaplaincy and teaching scripture in schools are recent issues in Australia, showing changes in general attitudes and politics. Christianity is more openly derided.

Phil Pringle Needs To See He Is A Fool

I was going to quote Pringle on this thread here: If anyone thinks that I have gone too far with the ‘God Calling and Name Calling’ on this post, I am keen to discuss this on the name calling thread. In the ‘God Calling and Name Calling’ thread, RP said, “In terms of when … More Phil Pringle Needs To See He Is A Fool

Hill$ong Bulldung

The Vision Mission Statement To reach and influence the world by building a large Christ-centred, Bible-based church, changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life. This mission is outworked through four major campuses (Hills, City, South West and Brisbane), a city-wide network of connect groups, contributing ministries and extension … More Hill$ong Bulldung