Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Thanks very much to Teddy, who passed the link below about Anne Rice on to me. Anne Rice, the famous novelist, (‘Interview with the Vampire’ series), has renounced Christianity on her Facebook page, but states that she remains as committed to Christ as always. Rice posted: For those who care, and I understand if you … More Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Humanism and Idealism

I Wonder And Ponder, Therefore I Flounder For the last few years I’ve observed in frustrating conversation the clash and confusion of humanistic and idealistic views. This has been an ongoing mental problem that has infected Western thinking since the early Greek times. We see the conflict between humanism and idealism set in stone, expressed … More Humanism and Idealism

All you need is Alignment

Some Pentecostal preachers use the term “alignment” in their preaching, and it often goes un-noticed.   But there is a whole theology that is behind the term “alignment”, which I found out several years ago when doing a course at my Pentecostal church. The course is called “Cleansing stream” and was heavily promoted by my church as a worthwhile course for deliverence ministry, … More All you need is Alignment

Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

Thanks JohnEatsLocusts! This article is frightening! I am a pentecostal believer. And while I am not a prosperity gospel believing pentecostal, I couldn’t resist this humorous title! I don’t mind if Pentecostals are the dumb blonds in religious jokes. I used to be blond. From: http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/politics/1374/ The Ponzi Prosperity Gospel By Pen Itent Pen Itent … More Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

Phil Pringle, Unapologetic Towards God In His Error

From http://www.c3churchglobal.com/video/c3-church-oxford-falls-leaders-2?xg_source=activity: C3 Church Oxford Falls Leaders Meeting May 02 2010 with Phil Pringle At 36:20 Phil Pringle says the following: “Sylvia Jarry! My GOD! I heard her take- I was at Prime the other night with Kris. We did a little interview and here’s Sylvia giving the offering. My Lord! She just slapped everybody … More Phil Pringle, Unapologetic Towards God In His Error

Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

A recent trend in the US is for multi-site churches to use video to present the senior pastor’s sermon to the church branches where he/she is not present. Teddy provided a link to The Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, where Ps Ed Young beams his sermons by video to presumably 4 of the 5 churches … More Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

Jacobs, Jacobs and Cons…

From http://slaughteringthesheep.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/cindy-jacobs-tall-tales-and-yarns/ : Cindy Jacobs: Tall Tales and Yarn Posted on July 15, 2010 by Chrystal In this video, Cindy Jacobs discusses how “Lonnie,” Jacobs’ head of accounting, had a dream where she saw four vortexes of demons destroy Generals International (GI). In the dream, everything was destroyed except for the media arm of GI. … More Jacobs, Jacobs and Cons…