‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…

The heretic, Matt Ford’s ministry has the NAR teachings written all over it (as the article below suggests). He now associates himself with some of the worst ministers in America. His website has been altered again to also include the prosperity doctrine ‘sow-a-seed’ paradigm. Observe the links at the bottom: “Links John & Lilly Crowder … More ‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…

Motherhood , its like stealing – Anglicans

Perhaps that might be misrepresenting their case a little, but This report in the Age and other media,  released appropriately on Mother’s Day, gives the Anglican Synod’s position on the population debate. They argue for less children, less immigration and state that not taking into account the needs of future life on Earth risks breaking the eighth commandment … More Motherhood , its like stealing – Anglicans

The Big Debate: Free Will or No Will – Calvinism vs Arminianism

Here is the thread to continue to discuss issues pertaining to hard line Calvinism vs Arminianism. I’m not going to summarise this debate – its too long already. I will however copy all the comments for reference. Please bear with me if I miss some, since this is from another thread and because its interwoven … More The Big Debate: Free Will or No Will – Calvinism vs Arminianism

Making Vision Real

Those of us who’ve been exposed to a lot of motivational teaching/preaching might enjoy this site: http://www.despair.com. I rather like this example: There are a few others that ring some bells, also. If you haven’t visited their site before, its worth a look. ****************** RavingPente