John McArthur’s misleading revelations redux

John McArthur is a well known critic of what is known as the Charismatic movement, which, by his reckoning, also includes many Pentecostals, and, he thinks, needs sorting out – by  a Reformed Theology teacher, of course! In this sermon, ‘Is God Still Revealing the Truth?’,  he claims that the main problem with the Charismatic movement … More John McArthur’s misleading revelations redux

The ‘Jesus Makes Me Look Good, Feel Good’ Generation

A very well written article in the Weekend Australian reports: JC and the cool gang Christine Jackman, From: The Australian, March 05, 2011 12:00AM Christians Erica and Jim Bartle with the JC Epidemic motocross and BMX crew. “Extreme sports are an excellent way of capturing kids’ attention,” Jim says. NOT so long ago, Erica … More The ‘Jesus Makes Me Look Good, Feel Good’ Generation

Problemism in Pentecostalism

You may have observed I have put a link to Christian Witness Ministries on the side bar. It’s a fantastic resource. I can’t copy and paste snippets from this resource. But I encourage you to save and read this link: From: Pentecostalism is it biblical or just part of the Con? July 5, … More Problemism in Pentecostalism

My! Have Times Changed!

Here is an old article I thought was worth keeping: Diana Bagnall The New Believers Diana Bagnall wrote this cover story for the 11 April, 2000 issue of The Bulletin, with Newsweek, reproduced here with permission. ___________________ The Great Leap of Faith – comment by Max Welsh, Editor-in-Chief of The Bulletin: In discussing the role … More My! Have Times Changed!

Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

Thanks JohnEatsLocusts! This article is frightening! I am a pentecostal believer. And while I am not a prosperity gospel believing pentecostal, I couldn’t resist this humorous title! I don’t mind if Pentecostals are the dumb blonds in religious jokes. I used to be blond. From: The Ponzi Prosperity Gospel By Pen Itent Pen Itent … More Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal