Rick Joyner’s Videos

I have been watching them. http://www.morningstarministries.org/Groups/1000040651/MorningStar_Ministries/Media/VIDEO_Todd_Bentleys/VIDEO_Todd_Bentleys.aspx You can subscribe there too if you want, but I haven’t. He hasn’t really answered people’s questions, but he’s really attacked Lee Grady by using sinister comments and ploys which I am so used to hearing Christians use even on me. I must admit that it was fairly uncalled … More Rick Joyner’s Videos

Christian or Kitsch?

I went to a Christian book store yesterday to buy some books for the kids.   Apart from the books, other bits of merchandise with Christian themes were for sale.  These included a Christian version of Bratz dolls and Christian Ponies, for little girls.  Later, I found this illustration, with the associated blurb from a catalogue, … More Christian or Kitsch?

An Empty Anointing

Pheonix Preacher made some very good points re the restoration of Todd Bentley to ministry so soon after his downfall.  Among those points was an observation regarding ‘anointing’ ministers and their families. Todd was publicly anointed with [his then wife] Shonnah for world revival. Then he disappears from public view and reappears with a new … More An Empty Anointing

Rebuke for the Hasty Restoration of Todd Bentley

S&P sent this to me, and in the light of recent discussions on this blog, and because this issue has been followed on this blog, I will post it up. I can relate to his sentiments. ***************** RavingPente THE TRAGIC SCANDAL of GREASY GRACE -by J. Lee Grady. This week’s announcement about evangelist Todd Bentley’s … More Rebuke for the Hasty Restoration of Todd Bentley

Megachurch Margin Calls

It is very difficult for any organised church when its giving level falls below what is needed to maintain its staff, services or buildings.  It can happen to any church, and is most likely when the congregation level dwindles.  In the established denominational churches, we might see buildings or land sold, or congregations combined, or … More Megachurch Margin Calls

The Need for Brokenness

Odyssey, who joined us briefly on this blog some time back, sent me this article recently which I’m posting up below. Sorry about the length but it is posted in its entirety, due to the copyright provisions on its website. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, it is still worth reading … More The Need for Brokenness

Jesus’ words heresy?

First some a couple of references. Heresy Opinion or doctrine contrary to the orthodox teaching of the Christian Church – Oxford Dictionary Matthew 20:25-28 But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. “It is not … More Jesus’ words heresy?