Is The ‘Lake’ In Blake? (Edited, with apologies to Curry Blake).

(ADMIN EDIT: please see the comment I put below the article … I now refute, on behalf of SP02 the character assassination contained in the following article … more edits will be needed, but this is a big article and I will need to be completely rewritten. I am just glad I wasn’t the author! … More Is The ‘Lake’ In Blake? (Edited, with apologies to Curry Blake).

Prince Pulpit-Pimping & Pumping Prosperity

I’ve seen this man and his name circulate the web a few times now. Joseph Prince runs New Creation Church in Singapore. And while it seems pentecostal/charismatic, they like to see themselves as non-denominational. After getting into an incredibly troubling argument with a member of his church, (and overcoming shock), I thought it might be … More Prince Pulpit-Pimping & Pumping Prosperity

Pastor Slinging managed to catch this piece: Part of me says don’t give this rabid nutter more oxygen. But silence can be interpreted as a weakness or even a sign of agreement or capitulation. So here goes. It concerns yet another media release from Pastor Danny Nalliah, that zealot who heads that church group called Catch … More Pastor Slinging

False Prophets UNITE!

Todd Bentley Facebooks: “FREE EVENT: GREATER GLORY GATHERING Todd Bentley This FREE event will take April 18-21st with Speakers Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones and Jason Hooper. With high expectancy, Fresh Fire Ministries believes that God is truly going to show up in a new way during this event. To guarantee your spot, make … More False Prophets UNITE!