Australian Catholics admit to culture of abuse

From the BBC, news of the admission by the Australian Roman Catholic Church to more than 600 known cases of child sex abuse since the 1930s. This appalling statistic tells of a culture of abuse which has brought shame upon the Christian communion worldwide and broken a huge amount of trust and good will non-christians … More Australian Catholics admit to culture of abuse

The Imam and the Pastor and pastor unite for message of peace, tolerance Geoff Strong October 30, 2008 Finding common ground: Imam Muhammed Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye of Nigeria are in Melbourne. Photo: Simon Schluter IN THIS age of suspicion they seem the oddest of couples: a Muslim imam and Pentecostal Christian pastor, who once wanted to kill each other. … More The Imam and the Pastor

HIV/AIDS – A reasoned Evangelical perspective

There has been much uninformed and prejudiced comment on this blog lately about HIV/AIDs and its relationship to homosexual practice.  Much of it has been of the nudge-nudge say-no-more variety because I suspect that the commenters would be ashamed to write out exactly what they think. Here is some information from the Men’s sexual health … More HIV/AIDS – A reasoned Evangelical perspective

Chinese fertility drop

I’m not sure what to think of this news. China is facing a fertility rate problem. China, which has a strict one-child policy, and a reportedly very high abortion rate, now finds itself with lowering rates of fertility. One province alone has reported a 14% infertility rate amongst over 100 million people, that’s 14 million … More Chinese fertility drop

Report: HIV continues to increase amongst gay men

In view of recent remarks by Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby, where he stated that the figures for gay sex disease transmittal were still as high as those for tobacco smoking illness numbers and should be brought to people’s attention, it is interesting that there is a report which confirms that instances of … More Report: HIV continues to increase amongst gay men

Journey into a psychopath’s mind…

Is it possible to over-assess or wrongly categorise people by listing every possible potential mental illness known to man? In this fascinating video from TED, journalist Jon Ronson talks about his inquisitive journey into an investigation into mental illness, especially what psychologists have termed psychopathic behaviour, and comes to some interesting conclusions about how we … More Journey into a psychopath’s mind…