Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

A recent trend in the US is for multi-site churches to use video to present the senior pastor’s sermon to the church branches where he/she is not present. Teddy provided a link to The Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, where Ps Ed Young beams his sermons by video to presumably 4 of the 5 churches … More Mega-Mega Church Thing (shoutin’ tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing…)*

Business in the House

I can’t quite connect the dots with Paul as a bi-vocational “pastor”/tentmaker with the accompanying shipwrecks, scourgings, near death experiences and jail, with PP’s “Your Best Life”, conference junkets and Splat Pens. – Teddy on a recent thread. Of course we are not bound by law as to what we do in a church, so … More Business in the House

The Love of Luxury

Following on from S&P’s thoughts on ministers getting swept of track in the area of exaggeration, I wondered whether this example of corruption by luxury is another example of how leaders and even entire congregations can get swept off track. In the Sydney Morning Herald today, this article regarding exposure to luxury appeared. Basically, students … More The Love of Luxury

Views on Men

How men should ‘be men’ crops up as a religious topic from time to time. It would seem that according to some teachers, there is in fact a type of man that is manly, and another type of man who for various reasons is not a ‘real man’. I’ll preface this with my personal bias. … More Views on Men

Bridging the Gap between Muslims and Christians

I found this article in the Mennonite Weekly Review, ‘Praying at the Mosque’, fascinating. It’s about a Christian who prayed at a mosque in Bethlehem twice a week for three months. He built friendships, was invited to homes, and learnt how Christian’s were viewed by those particular Muslim men. He was entirely clear that his … More Bridging the Gap between Muslims and Christians

Pastoring and Parenting Free of Guilt and Fear

There are lots of potential problems inherent in churches with the necessity for large organisational structures and large amounts of infrastructure. One potential problem is that people can become viewed more as resources than people, as Bull mentioned here recently on another thread. If people are viewed as resources, one of the temptations then becomes … More Pastoring and Parenting Free of Guilt and Fear