Do the Megachurches have Evangelism right – and do we?

It has to be acknowledged that the megachurches in particular focus on bringing people to Christ, in the manner that they feel is most effective. Whether their methods or gospel are truly effective, is another debate. But surely all Christians, whatever form of church they participate in, desire others to also be saved through faith … More Do the Megachurches have Evangelism right – and do we?

Let the weak say “I am strong”

Many of you may be aware of these interpretations of the following scriptures. They enable a very robust practice of faith. Critics of Christianity often see weakness in the cultural interpretations of these scriptures, but the biblical interpretation is powerful. Mt. 5:39. Turn the other cheek. Culture’s Interpretation Forgive and forget. Make peace, not war. … More Let the weak say “I am strong”

7 Habits of Highly Abusive Churches

From an article by Patrick Zukeran, drawing on a book by Dr Ronald Enroth, ‘Churches that Abuse’. Distinguishing marks of abusive churches: First, abusive churches have a control-oriented style of leadership. Second, the leaders of such churches often use manipulation to gain complete submission from their members. Third, there is a rigid, legalistic lifestyle involving … More 7 Habits of Highly Abusive Churches

Has right-wing Christianity been Mooned?

A report on Radio National’s “The Spirit of Things” on Sunday showed just how far the Rev Moon and his “Unification Church” has influence with US Government and right-wing evangelical Christian leaders. Prayer lunch with Rev Moon In January 2001, Moon’s Washington Times foundation sponsored an inter-faith prayer luncheon for President Bush. In attendance were … More Has right-wing Christianity been Mooned?

Buy me a Miracle

[A woman] attended Presence 2006. At this conference there was two sessions where people were given the opportunity to give into the miracle offering. During the second miracle offering, PsS Phil stopped praying/preaching when [the woman] came forward to place her miracle offering in the basket and asked her what she believing in God for. … More Buy me a Miracle