CluckerTV & The CluckedUp School of the Anointing

From an email about Matt Ford’s emails: Emergency Announcement from Fire It Up International Ministries Inc Dear Subscriber , My state, Queensland, is in a state of emergency.  As such we have canceled all meetings and events in Australia until further notice. We will not be hosting The School of the Anointing in January, instead … More CluckerTV & The CluckedUp School of the Anointing

How Greed Determines What Christians Watch

This article is quite old. Still it is informative now. From: Preaching For Profit By Alan Matheson – posted Wednesday, 5 December 2007 The scramble for cash and possessions has finally caught up with some of America’s leading televangelists. Six of the best – Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland … More How Greed Determines What Christians Watch

When Leaven Invades Church

The heretical Bill Johnson is coming to Australia to speak at C3’s Presence Conference: He’s also speaking at Dayspring. From: When Heaven Invades Earth 2011 Only when the Kingdom of Heaven invades our earthly reality will we see the church equipped to live “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Bill Johnson is … More When Leaven Invades Church

Thistles Among Figs AsiaConference 2010

This got my attention. There are some shocking preachers speaking. Does anyone know if any of the other preachers among the thistles are figs? From INTERNATIONAL Richard Bernal | Chang Mao-Song | Mark Conner | Jeff Crabtree | Ken Eldred | Kim Sung-Hae | Abraham Ku | Kevin Loo Sidney Mohede | Peter Mortlock … More Thistles Among Figs AsiaConference 2010

So How Real Is Australia’s Christianity?

From: Hauerwas — How Real is America’s Christianity? Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Professor Stanley Hauerwas of Duke University’s Divinity School is a man who enjoys probing questions and has a habit of irritating the faithful. In a recent edition of The Guardian, London’s famed newspaper of record for the political Left, Hauerwas assured Britons … More So How Real Is Australia’s Christianity?

Diploma Mills & Doctorate Dills?

If you are concerned about your spiritual health, you’d be concerned who you’d consider to be your spiritual doctor… About Phil Pringle’s Doctorate You can see Phil Pringle promote his credentials here in his own College ‘School of Creative Arts’ prospectus below. Click to view the attachment: Phil Pringle’s Credentials (pg 15) “Dr Phil Pringle, … More Diploma Mills & Doctorate Dills?

‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…

The heretic, Matt Ford’s ministry has the NAR teachings written all over it (as the article below suggests). He now associates himself with some of the worst ministers in America. His website has been altered again to also include the prosperity doctrine ‘sow-a-seed’ paradigm. Observe the links at the bottom: “Links John & Lilly Crowder … More ‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…