John McArthur’s misleading revelations redux

John McArthur is a well known critic of what is known as the Charismatic movement, which, by his reckoning, also includes many Pentecostals, and, he thinks, needs sorting out – by  a Reformed Theology teacher, of course! In this sermon, ‘Is God Still Revealing the Truth?’,  he claims that the main problem with the Charismatic movement … More John McArthur’s misleading revelations redux

Learning The ‘Word of the Frauds’

From: The ACPE’s ‘Fortune Cookie Prophecies’ for 2007 On Nov. 1, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) released their “Word of the Lord for 2007” through the Elijah List. Each year, this group of 33 “prophets” meets to determine what God is saying to the Church for the new year. I want to point … More Learning The ‘Word of the Frauds’

For The Sake Of Integrity… We Bring to You Revival Roulette

This was an article emailed to me. Todd Bentley messaged friends on Facebook: In April of 2008, within the first few weeks of Lakeland Bob Jones and myself were having a conversation by phone where we were both shown 12 cities where the Outpouring would begin breaking out igniting the fires of Revival. We understand … More For The Sake Of Integrity… We Bring to You Revival Roulette

Jacobs, Jacobs and Cons…

From : Cindy Jacobs: Tall Tales and Yarn Posted on July 15, 2010 by Chrystal In this video, Cindy Jacobs discusses how “Lonnie,” Jacobs’ head of accounting, had a dream where she saw four vortexes of demons destroy Generals International (GI). In the dream, everything was destroyed except for the media arm of GI. … More Jacobs, Jacobs and Cons…

‘Catch The Liar’ Ministries, Fires His Tongue Off

Groupsects blogged about Danny Nalliah, from ‘Catch The Fire Ministries’ blogging this: “…..While I was in Sri Lanka I heard the shocking news that Kevin Rudd was no longer the PM but Julia Gillard had taken the top job. I received many emails asking me what I thought about it and what’s going to … More ‘Catch The Liar’ Ministries, Fires His Tongue Off

‘FIRED UP’ About ‘FireItUp’

We’ll be discussing the results of the conversations we had with Franc Manhattan from Fire It Up Ministries. This was the discussion we had: To start, we’ll end with a few people’s comments. Hopefully afterwards I’ll post up quickly my thoughts before someone else beats me to it! I will warn some that due … More ‘FIRED UP’ About ‘FireItUp’