Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Thanks very much to Teddy, who passed the link below about Anne Rice on to me. Anne Rice, the famous novelist, (‘Interview with the Vampire’ series), has renounced Christianity on her Facebook page, but states that she remains as committed to Christ as always. Rice posted: For those who care, and I understand if you … More Leaving Christianity in order to follow Christ

Business in the House

I can’t quite connect the dots with Paul as a bi-vocational “pastor”/tentmaker with the accompanying shipwrecks, scourgings, near death experiences and jail, with PP’s “Your Best Life”, conference junkets and Splat Pens. – Teddy on a recent thread. Of course we are not bound by law as to what we do in a church, so … More Business in the House

The Love of Luxury

Following on from S&P’s thoughts on ministers getting swept of track in the area of exaggeration, I wondered whether this example of corruption by luxury is another example of how leaders and even entire congregations can get swept off track. In the Sydney Morning Herald today, this article regarding exposure to luxury appeared. Basically, students … More The Love of Luxury

Judgement, Lessons or Life?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday detailed the concerns and reactions of the Anglican church to their significant losses in the GFC, which have led to them needing to cut back signifcant ministry positions and activities. The question was raised about why they experienced those losses – were the losses they experienced God’s … More Judgement, Lessons or Life?