A critic of religion, Marion Maddox attacks Hillsong—and a Catholic responds

One of Australia’s most published critics of Christianity, Professor Marion Maddox, an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Macquarie University, has launched a broadside on Hillsong. In ‘Prosper, consume and be saved’, an essay in a new journal Critical Research on Religion, Maddox alleges that Hillsong has gone beyond the prosperity gospel and invented theologies … More A critic of religion, Marion Maddox attacks Hillsong—and a Catholic responds

Off-The-Edge Church Adelaide

From http://www.articlesbase.com/christianity-articles/the-false-prophets-edge-church-adelaide-3401538.html: The False Prophets – Edge Church Adelaide I thought I would write a quick article on the corruption and fraud that is occurring in these so called Churches in Adelaide, if I dare call them a Church lest I blaspheme Gods name. These congregations in Adelaide that call themselves churches are a joke … More Off-The-Edge Church Adelaide

Today Tonight & Hillsong

By freak chance, I just saw the Today Tonight report on Hillsong. Both Steve West, Phil Powell and Xenophon were interviewed as Today Tonight unashamedly ripped into Hillsong. http://au.video.yahoo.com/watch/8079241/21383332 Edit: Here is a note from Brian and Bobby Houston (From: http://hillsong.com/bobbies-and-my-finances-letter-brian-houston ) Bobbie’s and My Finances… A letter from Brian Houston. Well, friend, you might … More Today Tonight & Hillsong

Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

Thanks JohnEatsLocusts! This article is frightening! I am a pentecostal believer. And while I am not a prosperity gospel believing pentecostal, I couldn’t resist this humorous title! I don’t mind if Pentecostals are the dumb blonds in religious jokes. I used to be blond. From: http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/politics/1374/ The Ponzi Prosperity Gospel By Pen Itent Pen Itent … More Poor, Dumb And Pentecostal

‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…

The heretic, Matt Ford’s ministry has the NAR teachings written all over it (as the article below suggests). He now associates himself with some of the worst ministers in America. His website has been altered again to also include the prosperity doctrine ‘sow-a-seed’ paradigm. Observe the links at the bottom: “Links John & Lilly Crowder … More ‘Fire It Up’ Still ‘Water It Down’…

Offerings to False Gods

A cornucopia of offerings take place at megachurch conferences for visiting speakers. Some of these offerings are touted as ‘miracle offerings’. Others are touted as ‘love offerings’. These are in addition to the weekly ‘tithe and offering’ that most churches take up. Do we have a responsibility to withhold our cash where there is false … More Offerings to False Gods