Kevin Rudd believes in an Intelligent Designer

Will Kevin Rudd’s proposed sweeping changes to the education system include courses on Intelligent Design now that we know he believes in the Designer? From ninemsn, an interesting interview with the Australian PM, Kevin Rudd: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the ordered nature of the cosmos convinces him of the existence of God. Mr Rudd, … More Kevin Rudd believes in an Intelligent Designer

More sick than we knew

Lance highlights the story of Mike Guglielmucci, on his blog today: The Mike Guglielmucci Hillsong Scandal. Mike joins a long list of spiritual leaders who have been found to be ’embellishing’ their personal testimonies. I wondered how this came about. Here are some comments from a blog from 2006 onwards : Don’t know if anyone … More More sick than we knew

Are Evangelicals vulnerable to Cults

The Rev Dr Harold Bussell wrote an article in the Cultic Studies Journal in 1985 called “Why Evangelicals are vulnerable to Cults”. Writing from an Evangelical perspective he saw something in the personality and orientation of his fellow evangelicals which made them more vulnerable to cults than other Christians. Evangelicals were not usually drawn to … More Are Evangelicals vulnerable to Cults