Mercy Ministries Melt-Down

The Herald reports… Mercy Ministries home to close RUTH POLLARD INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR October 28, 2009 ALLEGATIONS of widespread abuse at Mercy Ministries group homes appear finally to have caught up with the fundamentalist Christian group, which has announced it will close its Sydney home on October 31, citing ”extreme financial challenges and a steady drop … More Mercy Ministries Melt-Down

The Value of Discipline

Recently I was reading an article on the value of discipline in achieving end goals. The article pointed out that discipline is not the end in itself, but plays a valuable part in forming consistent habits which help us achieve whatever level of the activity that we deem helpful to our end objectives. There are … More The Value of Discipline

Judgement, Lessons or Life?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday detailed the concerns and reactions of the Anglican church to their significant losses in the GFC, which have led to them needing to cut back signifcant ministry positions and activities. The question was raised about why they experienced those losses – were the losses they experienced God’s … More Judgement, Lessons or Life?

The Enemy Within

Around the turn of the century Australians became aware of a growing religious minority within their society which was not readily assimilating and did not share the same mainstream values.   Although professing loyalty to Australia, many questioned this as their ultimate loyalty was to clerics overseas.  This group also claimed to worship the same God … More The Enemy Within

Sola Scriptura – Is it Scriptural?

The doctrine of Sola Scriptura was a foundational principle of the Reformation and is a view held very strongly by most Protestants and especially evangelicals.  Put simply the doctrine states that the Bible is the only inerrant authority for Christian faith and that it contains all knowledge necessary for salvation.  Evangelicals generally go further and … More Sola Scriptura – Is it Scriptural?