Life in the Institution

Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’ Bible is a favourite translation of many people I know in Pentecostal and other churches. Its accessible text is great for seeker sensitive services, and it is a popular devotional translation. Many of the megachurches seem to regard most denominational churches as ‘dead’, or at least look down on them for … More Life in the Institution

Detoxing from Church

This is an old article, written by Rob McAlpine in 2003, which describes the process of detoxing from church. He looks at the outcomes of what can sometimes be a lengthy healing process, and demonstrates how for some Christians it can be an essential part of their journey to maturity in Christ. For brevity’s sake, … More Detoxing from Church

Leaving Church

Some say it is a sin for a believer not to attend a church. Some well known leaders also make it clear that any questioning of their methods is invalid if the questioner does not attend a local church – they believe that person is outside the body of Christ and so not worth listening … More Leaving Church